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Branded Merchandise

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Everyone loves receiving free gifts which is why finding the right branded merchandise with Dayton Promotional Products is a smart investment in your business.  Branded merchandise helps increase your brand awareness throughout your community, establishing you as a leader among your competitors.  Whether you work with goods or services, our logo items leave a lasting impression and help build familiarity with your company.  We provide a wide range of items designed to fit every event and budget, using our custom branding and designs.  With our products, you’ll see an increased interest in your business, drawing more customers to your front door.

Corporate Giveaways
When you’re participating in a corporate giveaway, its important to make sure that the items your producing are on brand with your image, and helping you represent yourself in a positive light.  Our team is here to help you select the perfect items for your event, whether it’s a small internal gathering or large marketing conference.   Our promotional marketing team helps you find the items that best represent your brand, working with you to design the product with the needed logos and company information.  From small everyday items for mass distribution to large items for raffles and sales incentives, we have the products you need to impress your customers and associates.

Logo Items
By working with us for your logo items, we help you find the right products for your event or general distribution. From stress balls with logos to free pens for distribution at your brick and mortar store, we find the items you need with the designs that make you memorable.  Our items are designed to help make your business more recognizable in your community, with items that are carefully selected for their enjoyability by customers.  Acting as creative method of distributing a business card, our items are not only useful but of a quality that is a good representation of your brand.

Branded Swag
With our branded swag, we’re here to help you find the items that will bring your company’s exposure to the next level.  Our swag is great for everything from corporate giveaways to small trade fairs and providing swag bags for special events.  From small individual items like promotional pens and magnets to creating a branded gift bag, we are here to support your marketing campaigns of all types.  Finding the perfect products to represent your brand and help your business increase it’s reach within your target market, our branded swag is the perfect addition to any sales push.

Brand Recognition
It’s been shown that increased brand recognition among consumers makes them more likely to make a purchase from names that they’re familiar with.  With our branded merchandise we help you take advantage of this effect with our custom created promotional merchandise.  Selecting items that are likely to be used or seen on a regular basis, we help clients throughout your area become more familiar with your name and logo.  Through this exposure, our goal is to establish you as a recognized pillar of your industry, helping to increase your market reach and better appeal to your customer’s sense of brand awareness.

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