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Custom Promotional Products

quality custom promotional products

When you’re ready to increase promotion for your business, Dayton Promotional Products is here with the custom promotional products that you need to succeed.  Our products are custom designed to enhancing your marketing plans, providing you with branded swag that represents who you are as a company.  We provide our clients with a product consultation helping them select the items and designs that work best for them, and the campaign being supported.  With our products you’ll see an increase in customer interest and improved brand recognition.  From cheap promotional items to marketing gifts, we supply you with the branded products your business needs.

Promotional Marketing
By working with our team of professionals for your promotional marketing you’re making an investment in the future of your business.  Our products are custom designed to reflect who you are as a company from finding products that match your industry, to selecting the ones that will make you memorable to potential clients.  With our products, we provide an innovative way for your customers to remember who you are during their every day lives, with your promo products being subtle advertising on a daily basis.  Not only will you see increased interest in your brand, but improved brand recognition within your market.

Custom Consultation
When you work with our team to create your custom branded merchandise, our professionals make sure that you’re selecting the right products for your brand.  From carefully choosing products and logo designs, to finding the items that match your budget, we are a full service team that helps you find the perfect item for your business.  We work with clients across a number of industries, giving us insight into the items that customers in your industry find the most appealing.  Using that information combined with the right logo, design and included contact info, we are able to create effective marketing tools on your behalf.

There are number of benefits when it comes to working with our team for your branded swag and other promotionals.  Through the custom consultations that we perform, we find the products that best represent your business in the form of take home gifts for your customers.  In providing your customers with items they can incorporate into their every day lives, your brand recognition increases, with your contact information being readily available on the products that we create.  By keeping your company’s name on the tip of their tongues, you’ll see an increase in consumer interest, and higher rates of purchases for your goods or services.

Our Items
At Dayton Promotional Products we’re proud to offer all the promotional materials that you need to appeal to your target market.  We work with corporations and small businesses alike, to create items that match your design needs and marketing budgets.  From promotional magnets and pens that are readily available at your storefront, to promotional clothing, hats and water bottles, we have it all.  We even print your logo on daily use products like hand sanitizer promotional items, making you memorable in the minds of your customers.  The items we provide are a smart representation of who you are, ensuring that you see a return on your investment in promotional swag.

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