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Promotional Gifts

promotional gifts caps ready for printing logo

Giving your customers and potential customers promotional gifts can be a great way to encourage customer loyalty and keep your company fresh in their minds.  Our custom promotional products are the perfect addition to any sale, with branded swag that is both well crafted and enjoyable for your customers.  Great for trade shows and fairs, our products allow you to stand out from other vendors at the event, and help you better reach new customers through creating name brand recognition.  Our products come in a variety of shapes and sizes for every industry, with options to suit every budget.

Branded Swag
When you’re distributing promotional gifts to your customers, using our branded swag is the best selection for the job.  Working with you to create the custom logo product that will impress your clients, we assist you in choosing everything from the right products, to the item design that increases your brand’s exposure.  Clients love our custom branded items for their promotions because of the quality and pricing of our extensive range of products.  Ensuring that your branding is prominently displayed on items from pens to keychains and branding water bottles - our swag is the perfect way to thank your customers for doing business with your company.

Trade Shows and Fairs
Trade shows and other fairs can be a great way to meet others in your industry and connect with customers that are interested what you have to offer.  On the other hand, these networking events create the challenge of standing out and being memorable amongst a sea of competitors.  With our promotional gifts and trade show giveaways, we provide you with a solution to these problems, creating unique promotional products that help you get your name out there.  From small trinkets that display your company and contact info, to items for raffles and auctions, we have the business promotional products that make you memorable.

Reach New Customers
By working with our team to create your unique promotional gifts, you’ll have the opportunity to reach potential clients like never before.  We work closely with you to find the items that will appeal to your market and the event or promotion you’re partaking in, using custom designs that represent your company as a whole.  From small cheap promo items to promotional clothing and other promotional materials, we select the items that best appeal to your market, creating products clients are likely to use on a regular basis.  With this improved visibility, we help generate more interest in your business, and help you achieve your sales goals.

Our Products
At Dayton Promotional Products we are happy to offer our clients a wide range of selections when it comes to selecting the perfect custom swag for your promotional gifts.  Providing a consultation for your items, our team members will present you with a number of options from branding water bottles to promotional pens and magnets.  No matter your budget or the purpose of the gift, we help you select the perfect fit for your business.  We even create custom promotional clothing from shirts to hats and everything in between, increasing your brand visibility every time a customer wears your custom logo products.

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