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Small Business Promotional Items

small business promotional items

When you’re a small business you need to use every opportunity available to your advantage.  At Dayton Promotional Products our team is here with the promo products that you need to better reach customers and appeal to you target market.  Our promotions items with logos are the perfect way to help create name brand recognition, and to offer a gift those visiting your business.  Through increased brand awareness you’ll see more potential leads as well as increased sales and more satisfied customer interactions.  We have a wide range of items available for every industry, and at pricing that makes us a smart marketing investment.

Custom Consultation
Working with our team of professionals of promotional marketing, you’ll receive a custom consultation that helps us select the products that are perfect for your business.  Whether you’re working a trade show or simply want to include a free gift for your loyal customers, we can help you find the items that you need.  From small business promotional products to trade show items, we have the swag you need at every price point.  Our mission is not only to help customers become more aware of your brand, but to make sure that your advertising dollars are being put to good use.

Expanded Branding
With our promotional gifts you’ll see your branding expanded as local customers become more familiar with your business and what it has to offer.  Our products are designed with form and function in mind, both appealing to customers while working to spread your brand’s appeal through these items.  Working on your branding helps to familiarize customers with your company, leading to higher sales rates and increased interest in the goods or services that you are offering.  Through this process, we make sure that you’re receiving a strong return on your investment via our quality small business promotional items.

Reward Your Customers
Another great way to use our small business promotional items is as free gifts to your customers for making a purchase with your company.  Providing items for all budgets from cheap promotional items, to putting your logo on products, we help make your customers feel like a special part of your family.  These types of gifts and giveaways help to build customer loyalty, and shows your customers that you’re grateful for their continued business.  In addition these logo items act as a form of free marketing, making your name brand a part of the customer’s every day life.

Promotional Items
If you’re ready to get started with business promotional items, our team is here to help you find the products that match your needs and your budget.  We offer a wide range of products from promotional clothing to pens, magnets and even hand sanitizer promotional items.  We also have larger items like branding water bottles, towels and cups as well as a variety of other frequently used items that will make you a part your customer’s every day life.  With a consultation that finds the right items for the event or promotion at hand, you can count on our team to be with you throughout the product marketing process.

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