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Trade Show Giveaways

best trade show giveaways

Trade shows are a great way to gain traction as a company while networking and marketing your business to those already interested in the goods or services your company has to offer.  At Dayton Promotional Products, we are here to help you make a lasting impression on those attending the event with our trade show giveaways.  From increasing your exposure to new clients to finding a creative way to give potential customers something more memorable than a business card, our custom swag is the answer to your marketing problems. Our items span a wide range of products designed to meet your creative needs and your budget.

Benefits of Branding
When it comes to large networking events, making sure that everything you present is on brand helps your clients and industry peers get an idea of who you are as a business.  With our marketing items we help you leave a lasting impression on those receiving the products by furnishing the best promotional items in the business.  From small trinkets like pens and magnets that can be widely distributed, to branded gifts for raffles and giveaways, we help your business put its best foot forward.  Through our creative custom designs, we provide products that help improve brand awareness while furnishing your contact info for future interactions.

Custom Consultations
In using our business promotional products, our team is here to help you every way that we can to better promote your enterprise.  When you work with our team for your advertising products, we provide you with a consultation that helps to determine the best products for your business.  Whether it’s a large trade show or a local fair that allows you to interact with customers in a more personal way, we help you find the products that enable you to stand out from your competitors.  Selecting products that are designed to showcase your brand, in addition to being useful for your clients, we accommodate the needs of every industry and budget, making us a smart investment in your company’s future.

Make an Impression
With our trades show giveaways you’ll see your business making a stronger impression on potential customers, whether its in free mass giveaways or speciality products for an event.  Using the right combination of design and item appeal, we provide quality items that people are likely to use every day.  This familiarity with a brand has been proven to increase the likelihood of a sale, with the ultimate goal of becoming a household name.  By working with our team, our goal is to help establish you as a leader among others in your industry, helping you grow your business and improve your customer reach.

Trade Show Items
When you’re working with our team at Dayton Promotional Products, we have all the items you need under one roof, bringing your product marketing ideas to life.  We have items for every budget, whether you’re looking for stress balls with logo or promotional pens.  The items we produce are in alignment with those at 4imprints, with a quality and design that helps leave a strong impression.  We also have items ranging from promotional magnets to promotional clothing, designed to pique the interest of your customers no matter the industry you’re in.  Our team is here to create the custom items that best represent your business, providing the individualized attention that your business deserves.

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